Online Dating Crime: Searchmate’s Reaction

Online Dating Crime: The Figures There has been a dramatic rise in online dating crime. Last week, Sky News reported that 2,054 offences were recorded between 2011 and 2016. Back in 2011, 140 crimes were recorded.  By 2016 this figure had risen to 676. ...
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The Top Five Things Single Men Want From A Relationship

For both single men and women, understanding what makes the opposite sex tick can seem like an impossible mission.  Just when we think we’ve got a new partner all worked out, we do something that seems to throw them off balance.  Suddenly, we’re...
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Five Ways To Attract Your Perfect Partner This Summer

As the days get longer and the sun becomes brighter, it’s hard not to yearn for someone special.  They say ‘every summer has a story’… here are five ways to attract YOUR perfect partner this summer: Let go of your preconceptions...
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Love Bombing: How Online Predators Are Faking Love

For many single people, online dating appears to offer a way to escape loneliness and social isolation.  Sadly, the internet has also become a hunting ground for those wanting to prey on the weaknesses of others.  At Searchmate, we’ve been finding...
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The Great British Date: UK Singles Willing To Spend More On Romance Than Most Europeans

Forget everything you’ve heard about the great romantic trysts of our French and Italian neighbours; the truth is, UK singles are willing to spend more on romance than most Europeans.   While a French couple spends an average of £46.00 on an evening...
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No Valentine’s Card This Year?

No Valentine’s Card This Year? No Valentine’s card this year? It certainly is disappointing if that hoped for card or gift didn’t materialise, especially if you started the year so positively believing that 2017 was going to be THE year...
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Our Dating Safely Campaign Launch

Our Dating Safety Campaign Launch Searchmate Ltd is delighted to support the Dating Agency Association’s Dating Safely Campaign launch, it is especially appropriate with today being St Valentine’s Day, which has been associated with love and...
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Find Love in 2017 by Giving Great Gratitude

For those hoping to attract love in 2017, the simple practice of giving gratitude could boost your desirability to others by around 25 per cent. This fact was reported by one of the world’s most respected experts on gratitude, Robert Emmons, phD, in...
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Making Love A New Year’s Resolution

While others pledge to lose weight or give up smoking, why not think about making love your New Year’s Resolution? In order to truly experience a rewarding relationship, couples have to commit to making love last.  Within the first few days and...
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Searchmate’s Favourite Romantic, Country Pubs

As we head into November, the promise of cosy winter evenings spent getting to know a fabulous, new partner certainly compensates for the drop in temperatures outdoors!  At Searchmate, we love to recommend hidden gems to our clients; after all, those...
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