Personal Introductions Agency

We have been around since before the online dating revolution, offering traditional personal introductions and a personal matchmaking service to be proud of, all built around safety, security and confidentiality.


personal introductions agency with largest database

Largest Database

We attract large numbers of educated and attractive people of professional calibre, located across the UK.

premium personal introductions agency

Premium Service

Our affordable personal introductions packages are a premium level of service that we developed over many years.

alternative to dating agency

Alternative Approach

A human at the heart of the process, seeking that special someone for you. That means no more automatic matches.

Elite Introductions Agency

Elite Introductions

All Searchmate clients are very carefully vetted to make sure they are 100% genuine, we personally interview every client, verify their ID and use one of the most comprehensive authentication systems globally, to check people out carefully, to ensure we have one of the cleanest databases in dating and that all of your matches are elite introductions of real quality.

The Searchmate service is very personal and highly confidential. Throughout the year of your membership you will work closely with a carefully chosen member of our matchmaking team, who will get to know you as thoroughly as possible and even more importantly the type of partner that you are really hoping to meet.

Only you and our matchmaking team would ever get access to your profile and photographs, it will remain highly confidential and very private and only ever be seen by carefully vetted clients who we will have identified as a potential high quality match for you. As an option on some membership levels the level of privacy is higher still and nobody would ever get to see your profile without you accepting them as a potential match first.

Ready To Find The One?


At various points in our lives invariably we all need to find love and a perfect partner if we can, but we also know that is not always easy or straight forward. Meeting the right person can in fact be terribly hard if you set yourself exacting standards and don’t want to compromise on them. After all, this is probably the most important decision that you will ever have to make. However, through Searchmate, help is at hand. Finding that perfect partner the Searchmate way means that you will always have a friendly face to talk things through with and an expert to guide you through the jungle that dating can sometimes become.

Over the last decade or so meeting new partners online has been very popular. Recently however the online dating industry has been attracting the wrong type of publicity on TV and in the press. Many people now realise that it is not for them and have been looking for a safer and more credible alternative and that is exactly what Searchmate offers – high quality personal introductions tailored for you, through our highly trained and experienced team of Personal Matchmakers.

So if the internet has become too risky or too shallow and is now not for you, then we’d love to hear from you. We can talk you through how our personal introductions agency works and how we could help bring the right kind of quality partner into your life, safely, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

We have access to one of the largest databases of educated, attractive and professional calibre people in the whole of the Personal Introductions industry and people have been joining us in record numbers recently as they defect away from online dating. It’s reassurring to know that all those you will meet through our service will have been personally interviewed, ID checked and thoroughly vetted.


I must confess that Searchmate did an absolutely superb job for me, as a Dating Agency that prides itself on very high standards. STEPHEN

aged 38 from Kent

I just didn’t know this level of incredible happiness was possible but Searchmate proved that it most definitely is. TONY

aged 60 from Aberdeen

I had all but given up on dating as the experiences I was obtaining from Online Dating were not acceptable to me. PAULINE

aged 42 from South London