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Joining us is a very simple process, starting with an informal chat with one of our Membership Advisers, Elizabeth, Alexandra or Laura. If you’re looking for a dating agency led by friendly, knowledgable professionals, who are happy to put the client first, then Searchmate is the right choice for you.
All of our team have an extensive knowledge of the dating industry and are on your side. They are happy to offer sensible, easy to understand and straightforward advice, without any obligation whatsoever and it all starts with a phone call to our Head Office.

Elizabeth - Senior Membership Adviser

Elizabeth - Senior Membership Adviser

Elizabeth's Story:

Elizabeth has enjoyed a highly successful career with the Dating Options Group and is very easy going, warm, sincere and easy to chat to. She is a single mum herself and so knows all about the dating industry and trying to find ‘the one’, so is understanding and empathetic to everyone and is very passionate about dating safely and seeing her clients meeting others in a safe atmosphere and situation, knowing that their potential dates have all been personally interviewed and carefully vetted by our matchmaking team.

Most clients come to us because of their experiences with online dating, often because of a bad experience or something going wrong, meaning that it is not something that they want to repeat and we understand that. Elizabeth is happy to talk through your concerns and how joining Searchmate is vastly different to the sort of service offered by an online agency. Without any sort of sales pressure too.

Alexandra - Senior Membership Adviser

Alexandra - Senior Membership Adviser

Alexandra's Story:

Alexandra is now in her 5th year working in the dating industry and has already gained experience as a Personal Matchmaker, Matchmaking Team Manager, Headhunting Specialist and Membership Adviser and has enjoyed many successes during those years in bringing people together.
Alex is very down to earth and straight forward, she will be happy to talk things through with you for as long as it takes. She realises that this is new to many people who have only tried online dating before, so she is happy to talk through our services and how they differ from an online agency, so that everyone has a thorough understanding of what we are offering. Which is much more comprehensive and personal for each individual client.

She is also passionate about Personal Matchmaking, 95% of our enquiries start with the words “I have tried online dating and it isn’t for me……..”, so Alex is aware of how tough meeting people from the internet can be and the dangers of it too. Alex sees her role as being almost evangelistic in keeping people safe and away from fake profiles, fraudsters and online dating related crime. She believes that joining Searchmate could make such a difference.

Laura - Senior Membership Adviser

Laura - Senior Membership Adviser

Laura's Story:

Laura is in her 13th year working in the dating industry and joined the industry straight from school, originally working with the Executive Club of St James’ in London – one of the UK’s most highbrow and exclusive agencies. She gained experience initially as a Personal Matchmaker, enjoying some wonderful successes and has recently joined Searchmate as a Membership Adviser.

Laura is passionate about her role within personal matchmaking and particularly with regards to the level of advice and customer service that she provides – she believes that outstanding customer care should be the norm and what we all should aspire to.

Laura is also very keen on promoting safer dating and steering people away from the dangers of meeting people online, determined to keep them safe. She is also happy to talk through any aspect of membership patiently, courteously and completely without obligation.