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Joining us is a very simple process, starting with an informal chat with our Senior Membership Adviser, Isabel.  If you’re looking for a dating agency led by friendly professionals,  Searchmate is the right choice. Isabel has an extensive knowledge of the dating industry, having worked both as a Personal Matchmaker and Membership Adviser.  Her warm and empathetic nature puts Searchmate clients at ease from the very first call.
Isabel - Senior Membership Adviser

Isabel - Senior Membership Adviser

Isabel's Story:

First of all, I want to say that I’m proud to be in my mid fifties and feeling more alive than ever before!

In May 2015, I came to the UK for a holiday from New Zealand…and to meet  a prospective suitor I’d been talking with for some time.

A week into my holiday – and the new romance – my partner flew me to Jersey for a mini break, an hour after landing I had a heart attack was flown back to Oxford for a triple bypass.  My new partner never left my side and love blossomed from extenuating circumstances.

In August of that year, I came to work part-time as a Matchmaker.  At first, the walk to work caused much discomfort.  Over the next two years, I gradually fought through the pain by walking regularly through the beautiful Arden Forest, watching the seasons change and building up my mental and physical being.  I changed my way of eating by eating raw fruit and veg and nuts in the day, drinking plenty of water and cutting out red meat. My relationship with my partner grew deeply and I decided to stay here in the UK.   Although the changes in my lifestyle were bought about by facing death, I recommend every fifty plus person to re-evaluate; make small changes; embrace opportunity and love like never before!

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